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Our Backstory...

Hey guys! Welcome to Switch Salon, Spa, & Boutique

I'm Terra, and this is my small business story about how a small-town dream became a reality.

I grew up and graduated high school in Goldthwaite, Texas, a small town in central Texas with about 2000 residents. After high school, I attended college out of state before entering beauty school and finding my passion. 

In 2010, I graduated from beauty school and had my first baby boy! I started my career and enjoyed working with fantastic people over several years. These relationships taught me the business side of running a salon, and a new dream began to form of owning my own salon one day. 

In 2012, I met the man of my dreams and his two boys living back in my hometown. I decided to move back to Goldthwaite and start a new chapter in my life. We are married now and have two children of our own. Yes, we have five kids! It is incredible and crazy and chaotic, and we would not change it for the world.

Living back home in Goldthwaite, my dream of owning a salon was always the goal.

In October 2018, I began writing a business plan and looking for locations. In January 2019, I got the opportunity to purchase a 100-year-old building in our beautiful town square. The building had been home to many businesses over the years; most residents remember it fondly as the Melba Theater.

With our new purchase, we began construction to remodel the old building. My husband had his reservations, often not seeing the vision beyond the repairs. I had an idea for a beautiful salon and spa where clients could enjoy a higher level of service without traveling to the big city.

With a lot of faith, along with some sweat and tears, we finished construction, and our journey began.

Switch Salon, Spa, & Boutique opened its doors in April 2019. Our size and location on the old town square provided the perfect backdrop to add a boutique to the business. This transformed my dream of being a salon owner into something more than even I could have imagined. 

We now offer our clients shopping and a relaxing confidence-building experience through our many salon and spa services.

Covid-19 tried to break my business dream. Like many businesses, we shut our doors in April and wondered if we would open them again. I used the time to improve the boutique side of the business and develop new ways to put our customers first while making them feel appreciated. 

Our clients are like family. They are so loyal to us, and we will always act with them in mind. 

My dream is growing, and my new goals are to continue providing for my clients and shine a positive light on our wonderful community. 

I will continue to work harder, pray more, and spread happiness in a rapidly changing world.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us. We can't wait to get to know you!

XOXO, Terra and fam!