The Truth About 2023 Shopping Trends

The Truth About 2023 Shopping Trends


It's the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas—it's 2023 and there are so many new trends to look forward to this spring.  We've rounded up some of our favorite pieces from stores like Mittoshop and Wishlist that will make you feel like a fashionista in no time.




Super-fluorescent colors

You might be a little shocked at the bright, eye-catching, and slightly off-beat color schemes this year. Gone are the muted tones of years past, as we enter into a bold new world of neon, fluorescence and every other -fluorescent color you can think of!

How do you know if these vibrant hues are for you? Easy: just try them on. The fun part about this trend is that it isn't universal—some people will love it while others will hate it—but either way there's plenty to try out without having to commit to one particular style in advance. So go ahead: take your time when shopping around for clothes (even if they're only going to last another year or so) because no matter what happens in 2023 there'll always be ways to incorporate these new styles into your wardrobe!

Patterned dresses

Patterned dresses are in. There's a reason we're seeing more and more of them: they're fun and playful, but at the same time evocative of childhood. They can add interest to an outfit that would otherwise be boring; they can also serve as a way to hide flaws (a large waistline or bust) while drawing attention to the positive aspects of your body (curvy hips).

Fun, playful additions

You might think you’re done shopping for clothes and accessories, but there’s one thing that can make all your hard work look like a joke: accessories. While it’s easy to overlook them when you're shopping for clothing, accessories are important in their own way. If you want to feel like a real fashionista, consider adding some fun new items into your wardrobe. For example:

  • A pair of earrings that makes a statement about who you are (or who you would like to become).

  • A scarf that brings color into an otherwise dull outfit.

  • An eye mask to keep sleeping on airplanes more comfortable or maybe even stylish!

Fashion is about feeling fun and confident in what you're wearing.

Everyone has seen it: a crowd of people dressed in the most outrageous styles, from retro-inspired jumpsuits to animal prints. They look amazing and confident in their outfits, but you're not sure you could pull off their look.

The truth is, fashion isn't about having to fit into a certain mold or be trendy all of the time. It's about feeling fun and confident when you're wearing something that fits your personality—and there are plenty of ways to find your style without spending money on pricey trends that fade away quickly.

Try experimenting with different types of clothing until you find something that makes you feel like yourself! If a trend doesn't stick around long enough for its prices to drop significantly, then maybe it wasn't meant for everyone after all?





Fashion is a wonderful thing, and it’s always changing. Trends come and go so fast, but we hope that these ideas will be helpful for those of you looking for inspiration. And remember—the most important thing is to enjoy your clothes!

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