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This Cowgirl Aint Kidding

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Cowgirl A. K. saunters around in her two-quart diaper insisting that she ''ain't kiddin''' when she says she's got ''no time for the potty.'' Until the day she meets her idol Wild Wilma Wilkee -- a real cowgirl -- and realizes that Wilma doesn't wear any diapers at all. She wears underpants! Fired up with newfound determination, A. K. eyes ''that big white stallion'' and learns how to ditch her diapers for good. Yee haw!

  • 40-page full-color picture book with dust jacket.
  • Picture book measures 8-3/4'' wide x 11-1/4'' high.

    Sarah Glenn Fortson originally hails from Columbus, Georgia. She studied journalism at the University of Georgia and went on to become a teacher. Upon retiring from being a life-long educator, she knew just what to do -- it was writin' time. She currently lives in Chicago.

    Illustrator Russ Cox, a Tennessee native, grew up on cartoons and old monster movies -- idolizing cartoonists like Chuck Jones and Tex Avery. Russ followed in their footsteps and studied illustration and graphic design, opening his own illustration studio. He lives in Maine.