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Fulton & Roark - Solid Cologne .2oz

Designer: Fulton&Roark

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We got our start by shaking up the fragrance industry — we took all of the artistry and ingredients of the finest traditional spray colognes, and reimagined them in a sleek, modern, travel-friendly format. Since 2013, our award-winning solid colognes have given our customers a sense of personal style and atmosphere that travels anywhere they do. For us, smelling great during and after a grooming routine makes the whole process more enjoyable, and we are all about capturing the perfect fragrance design for every moment. 


When we develop a product, we start at the end. We begin with the ideal result — a long-lasting fragrance, a clean head of hair, or healthy skin — and work our way backward, making sure that every step goes toward creating something excellent. We get into the minutia of keeping you looking good. We’ve spent hours researching the optimal level of Rhassoul Clay for daily exfoliation. And we’ve had more than a few debates about which varietal of Eucalyptus provides the most invigorating morning shower.

Our relentless focus on details — from perfecting the size and hand-feel of our solid cologne to deciding which products should be TSA-friendly — has earned us ‘Product of the Year’ awards from GQ and Men’s Health, and, most importantly, rave reviews from our customers